Chatter Bugs Day Nursery

We are proud to announce that Chatter Bugs has been rated "Outstanding" by OFSTED - here's the report !

Chatter Bugs Day Nursery is a family run nursery located in Collier Row, Essex. It is run by parents for parents. The nursery provides a fun, exciting, safe and secure environment for children, making it your child's home away from home.

Chatter Bugs 
has been established to provide high quality day care for young children. It offers the high standards that parents have come to expect from a nursery setting, along with the stimulating development and learning that children need during their vital growth years.

The nursery understands how important it is for parents to place their children in the right nursery setting, so with this in mind, the management of the nursery ensure that it offers UNIQUE and EXCITING features, that make it the child's fun zone.
In addition to the high quality environment for a child's learning and development, Chatter Bugs is:

We have limited spaces currently available for your little ones - get in touch for more information or to book a viewing and come and see for yourself how we do things.

33-35 Mowbrays Road

Collier Row



Tel: 01708 740 824